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Thai massage, like other forms of massage, is designed to be of particular benefit to a number of conditions and discomforts. For Thai massage, those include pain in muscles and joints such as sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, or heel pain; poor posture; joint stiffness; and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as a variety of other conditions that benefit from stretching and relaxing techniques. Thai massage can also benefit patients who suffer from recurring headaches, particularly those that are a result of muscle tension. Following a Thai massage, many individuals find that the deep relaxation techniques are helpful for combating insomnia. Thai massage can also be helpful in instances of emotional trauma and low self-esteem, probably due to its tendency to center the mind and body.

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Our packages for couples are £80 for an hour for you both to totally relax and enjoy or £120 for our 90 minutes package.